Traditionally, Hostile Environment Awareness Training was mostly provided to international journalists, oil and gas contractors, government employees or INGO/Humanitarian aid workers. In today’s unstable climate, it has become increasingly important that employers provide similar training to all staff travelling into high-risk locations.


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated to many global organizations that having the ability to provide remote training to staff - especially those personnel traveling to or located in challenging environments - is an absolute necessity. Security professionals agree that pre-trip training helps staff members live and work safely in most locations around the globe.

For too long, traditional HEAT courses have been out-of-step with the humanitarian and development sector and not reflective of our values. We believe that our course provides organizations with a tremendous opportunity to take steps toward equitable security while continuing to fulfil their duty of care.


The Prosectra HEAT Online Course is designed for participants from a wide range of backgrounds and occupations. Participants will be trained to recognize and mitigate potential threats and respond appropriately to safety and security incidents.

It is also the chief responsibility of managers to provide Duty of Care to all staff and to do whatever it takes to keep them safe while working in these complex, remote and sometimes hostile environments. The Prosectra HEAT Online Course should fulfil most of your duty of care obligations when it comes to pre-deployment training.

The Prosectra HEAT Online Course provides training that is essential to coping with internal and external security threats and is conducive to:

  • Enhancing the resilience of personnel when working in complex locations
  • Increasing the understanding of proactive security measures
  • Providing personnel with the basic tools and techniques needed to avoid potentially dangerous situations
  • Increasing the ability to cope adequately if found in a potentially life-threatening situation


The Prosectra HEAT Online Course combines audio / video instruction, video simulations, interactive scenarios and quizzes across 13 modules to help raise awareness of security and safety issues for those working in challenging environments.

At the end of each module, there is a 10 x MCQ test that requires a passing score of 70% or higher in order to progress to the next module.

After successfully progressing through all 13 modules, the course concludes with a 30 x MCQ final test requiring a passing score of 70% or higher to prove knowledge retention, and the Prosectra Learning Management System tracks progress, certification and generates compliance reports for senior managers.

The Prosectra HEAT Online Course can be completed in your own time and takes approximately 14 hours of learning to complete.


  1. Introduction to First Aid
  2. First Aid Emergencies
  3. First Aid in Conflict Zones
  4. Cultural Awareness
  5. Operations Security (OPSEC)
  6. Radio Communications
  7. Defusing Anger & Hostility
  8. Surviving Crowds, Mobs & Riots
  9. Mines & UXOs
  10. Weapons Awareness
  11. Driving in High-Risk Environments
  12. Surviving an Active Shooter
  13. Hostage Survival
  14. Final Test

At Prosectra we understand that working in complex locations means sometimes working with little to no internet.

We have designed an offline player that can be used to view the course completely offline and not connected to the internet.

If you require a solution like this, please contact us for licensing options.


We offer bulk registering and discounts to organizations that have 10 or more people they wish to register for this course.

We can also offer a customized version for your organizations needs and if necessary, branded with your company logo.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at